Born 28-09-46
1974 Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture.
1999-2002 Chairman of the Danish Arts Foundation's two music committees.
1999-2002 Chairman of the board of the Danish Art Foundation.
1969-1974 CORONARIAS DANS with bass player Peter Friis Nielsen and drummers Claus Bøje and Ole Streenberg
1972-1976 SECRET OYSTER with Karsten Vogel, Claus Bøhling, Jess Stæhr, and Ole Streenberg
1976-1979 ENTRANCE with Palle Mikkelborg, Bo Stief, Kasper Winding, Jesper Nehammer.
1981-1992 Music for contemporary ballets (Danish Dance Theatre by Randi Patterson, Warren Spears).
1979-1985 ANIMA with Mikkel Nordsø, Cy Nicklin, Michael Friis and Ole Theill.
1985 Recording of Palle Mikkelborg’s album “AURA” to- and with Miles Davis.
1989-1996 BOMBAY HOTEL with Mikkel Nordsø, acoustic guitars and Ole Theill, tablas.
Since 1990 Music for exhibitions, installations and movies on visual art and architecture.
Since 2000 work in own studio i Copenhagen - latest album: "November Tango" with guitarist Oliver Hoiness, release February 2018
Has appeared as a pianist, keyboard player and arranger on a large number of recordings. Chamber music for string quartet, cello solo, cello and piano, music for vocal ensemble 'ARS NOVA'
'MORNING CLOUDS' for electric guitar solo
Music for TV productions, jingles, title 'vignettes' and feature films.
Since the launch of the MINIMOOG synthesizer in the early seventies, I have spent most of my time exploring the sonic potential of electronic instruments - exclusively, or in orchestrations including traditional instruments.
Grants & awards
Scholarships and a 3-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.
The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Niels Mathiasen's Memorial Award (with NHØP and Palle Mikkelborg)
Lifetime grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Photo: Stine Heger

Most important releases
(with others)

Coronarias Dans:
Breathe (1971)
Visitor (1976)

Entrance (1977)

NHØP/Kenneth Knudsen:
Pictures (1976)

ANIMA (KK solo 1979)
Kilgore (1981)
Songs (1983)
Shanghai Circus (1985)

Heart to Heart (1987)

Bombay Hotel (1988)
with Ole Theill and Mikkel Nordsø

Bombay Hotel: ’Flower’ (1992)

Most important releases

I Me Him (1989)

Compacked (1989)

Sounds & Silence (1994)

Music for Eyes (1998)

Light & Metal, music for cello and keyboards (1998)
(Nominated for the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2000)

Black Diamond (2002)
(Nominated for the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2003)

End of Silence (2009)
(Awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation 2009)

MAY BE 2011

3 Hats, One Cap And Two Shoes that were not Fellows 2015

NOVEMBER TANGO with Oliver Hoiness 2018